I’m currently on a fun little tour of Europe and I got invited to speak at the WordPress Meetup in Geneva, Switzerland this evening. I joined a group of about 20 developers, of all levels and talked about WordPress plugin development. We then opened up the floor for questions and had a great ongoing conversation about development in general, the WordPress ecosystem, the open-source nature of the project, multilingual solutions and I even taught the group some Quebecois swear words 🙂

The presentation is almost identical to one I gave in Winnipeg in the spring, the slides are available as a PDF from here.

3 Comments on “Geneva WordPress Meetup

  1. Thanks Joey. I’m still finding hundreds of older wordpress links I never found time in my life to read. For instance, remember “godssecret”, were there alien artifacts found and wreckage of an alien spacecraft massive nuclear explosion!

    I’ll review the links before I add them onto wordpress, just to make certain they’re still good.

    Have a safe trip in Geneva.

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