Let’s prevent you from getting hacked

A great little snippet on Security. So important, and yet so few people pay attention to this on a regular basis…

Dan Hauk

A colleague, Ian Stewart, was kind enough to share an email he sent to someone who confessed to using the same password for everything. I think it hits a number of great points and tips on passwords and security best practices, most (all?) of which are outlined in Automattic’s internal docs/handbook. Definitely a good read if you want to tighten up your online security.

tl;dr Use 1Password for everything and two-step authentication for everything.

Alright, this went long but … let’s prevent you from getting hacked!

Never ever give your password or “passphrase” (I’ll get to that) to anyone. Even if you give one to someone like me who’s helping out, change it as soon as we’re done.

No two passwords should ever be the same even if they’re “temp” or “throwaway” passwords.

To manage all your passwords use 1Password and never have to worry about remembering all your…

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One Comment on “Let’s prevent you from getting hacked

  1. Thanks Joey.

    I use different passwords, sometimes changing them.

    Typing into a tiny Samsung screen creates a tremendous degree of eye pressure and with glaucoma in both eyes, added with numbness in both hands, I just try to use less complicated passwords.

    It helps me immensely.

    With my wordpress account and blog, the best I can do is promote all that I can as my way of saying thanks to your developers and sponsors.

    I feel humbled every time I return to the blog I created in 2009 because it helps me stay focused in what is important to me.

    With Gravatar I carry a combined Image which reflects both myself and Sylvia, a graphical reminder to me to adhere to good practices whilst online.

    Many thanks to everyone at wordpress & automattic.

    Frank Burns

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