I’m the CEO/CTO and Founder of  Spark Consulting, a Web & Software Development collective. We help businesses of any size craft beautiful digital experiences by building modern applications and high-quality websites. As a senior software developer and experienced digital strategist, I lead a team of developers, designers, and copywriters to deliver the best work possible. We work with a variety of technologies as I believe we need to understand and prioritize the business needs of our clients before blindly prescribing a technical solution. That being said, our main expertise is in: Laravel, WordPress, React, Vue and Node. We strongly believe in modern coding practices and try to work with open source technologies exclusively.

Before founding Spark Consulting. I worked as a Code Wrangler at Automattic, and worked on (where this very site is currently hosted), Jetpack, WooCommerce.

My team and I are available for projects of all sizes. Please reach out via Spark Consulting to find out more.

I am located in Vancouver, BC but consider myself a digital nomad (with a home for now). I’m an avid coffee drinker, dog lover & enthusiastic traveler.

This site is always a work in progress, pardon the mess 🙂


Over the past several years, I have spoken at a variety of WordPress and PHP related conferences and meetups. I am always looking to expand my speaking engagement list, so please reach out if you’d like me to speak at your event.

You can check out all the events I spoke at at

Past Projects

These are various projects that I have been involved in over the last years:

  • Now: Now is an experimental theme I worked on with Nick Hamze. It lets any brick & mortar business quickly setup a web presence that they own and control. A truly 5 minute website. More news to come with this project. Stay tuned!
  • Shopify Connect for WooCommerce: connects the best of two worlds, with Shopify powering the products and sales and WooCommerce for the presentation of the store.
  • Jetpack: Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to focus on what you do best. Create and publish great content. I contributed to Jetpack during my time at Automattic.
  • Calypso: The New I contributed to Calypso during my time at Automattic.
  • WooCommerce Connect: No extensions, no API keys – a solution that just works. The future of WooCommerce extensions.This was the last project I worked on at Automattic before leaving in June 2016.
  • Contributions: starting in 2011, I’ve made several contributions to the open-source project. See my profile for my up-to-date contributions to WordPress.
  • Custom Metadata Manager: An easy way to add custom fields to your object types (post, pages, custom post types, users). Deprecated.
  • SLD Register Post Types & Taxonomies for WordPress: Developer-focused plugin that provides an extended API to register post types and taxonomies (and unregister taxonomies) much easier and more efficiently than with default WordPress APIs. Deprecated.
  • Github Plugin updater: This class is meant to be used with your Github hosted WordPress plugins. The purpose of the class is to allow your WordPress plugin to be updated whenever you push out a new version of your plugin; similarly to the experience users know and love with the plugin repository. Transferred to new maintainer.
  • WordPress Editorial Calendar: The editorial calendar gives you an overview of your site and when each content entry will be published. You can drag and drop to move entries, edit entries right in the calendar, and manage your entire blog. I was a contributing developer to the plugin, led by Zack Grossbart.
  • Log Deprecated Notices Extender: extends Andrew Nacin’s Log Deprecated Notices to show a link in the WP 3.3+ Toolbar. Out of date.
  • The Events Calendar & The Events Calendar Pro: The Events Calendar is a fully featured event management system with multiple views, 3rd party integrations, and a slew of premium add-ons. Produced by Modern Tribe Inc (I previously was an active developer on their freelancing team)  – I no longer personally develop this plugin, though it’s still backed by the same awesome team.
  • WP Super Mailer gives you the power of external mailing services so that blog and custom posts can be subscribed to and mailings automatically sent. Deprecated.
  • Not quite a plugin, but more of a resource, WP Search is a search-engine made just for WordPress developers that searches a number of WordPress resources. Deprecated.
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