WordPress.com now accepts Bitcoin as a way to pay. How many companies do you know who go out and build ways to accommodate users in otherwise restricted countries? Pretty awesome I think.

The WordPress.com Blog

At WordPress.com, our mission is making publishing democratic — accessible and easy for anyone, anywhere. And while anyone can start a free blog here, not everyone can access upgrades (like going ad-free or enabling custom design) because of limits on traditional payment networks.

Today, that changes: you can now buy WordPress.com upgrades with bitcoins.

PayPal alone blocks access from over 60 countries, and many credit card companies have similar restrictions. Some are blocked for political reasons, some because of higher fraud rates, and some for other financial reasons. Whatever the reason, we don’t think an individual blogger from Haiti, Ethiopia, or Kenya should have diminished access to the blogosphere because of payment issues they can’t control. Our goal is to enable people, not block them.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that enables instant payments over the internet. Unlike credit cards and PayPal, Bitcoin has no central authority and…

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Joining Automattic

I’m extremely happy and excited to announce that I’ll be joining Automattic, the makers of WordPress.com, and many other cool products. As of next monday, I’ll be an Automattician (yes, that’s the real term for an Automattic employee) as a Code Wrangler, working with many aspects of the WordPress.com codebase – I’ll share any details I can once I get the ball rolling.

In the next few weeks, I’ll migrate this site (whatever new form it will take since I will no longer be promoting my services) to WordPress.com (want to eat my own dog food).

If you’re interested, they’re still hiring (developer and non-developer positions!), so you should check it out.

If you’re arrived here looking to hire someone to help you with a web project, I’ve got a great list of recommended consultants, agencies and resources, here.