The sounds of Vancouver

This is a great video showcasing not only the beauty of Vancouver but the sounds of the city that I hear every day. I love Vancouver!

WordCamp Vancouver 2013

I’m super excited to be once again organizing the annual WordCamp in Vancouver. WordCamp Vancouver 2013 will be on Saturday August 17th 2013. Tickets are on sale and our schedule is posted.

The full day event will fea­ture three tracks and will cover top­ics of inter­est for Word­Press users, design­ers, and devel­op­ers of all lev­els from begin­ners to experts, and all those in between.Expect plenty of excit­ing top­ics from indus­try experts.

We have an amaz­ing ros­ter of more than 20 speak­ers this year. So grab your tick­ets and stay tuned!

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Follow us on Twitter as well: @wordcampyvr (hastag: #wcyvr)

I hope to see some of you there!

WordCamp & BuddyCamp Vancouver 2012

I’m excited to be on of the co-organizers of two upcoming events this fall. WordCamp Vancouver will be on October 13th; immediately followed by BuddyCamp (an event all about BuddyPress) on October 14th, which will also have a hack day on October 15th.

We’re now looking for both speakers and sponsors for both events. On the sponsorship side, you can sponsor either or both events (we have special packages if you want to sponsor both). We’re also looking for in-kind sponsorships if you have something to offer that might be useful or needed for our attendees day-of.

If you’re interested in speaking or sponsoring either or both events, please get in touch via the respective sites, and

We’ll be opening up ticket sales up soon as well, so keep an eye out for those. I bet they’ll go quick as we’re planning a great event 🙂

Theme Weekend recap

This weekend was the first ever Vancouver WordPress Theme Weekend. I was happy and excited to be part of the organizing team along with Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Angela Chich and Pauline Lai. We had a total of 20 attendees, divided into 4 teams of 5.

On Saturday morning, we divided up the teams and then brainstormed some ideas. The teams had just under an hour to decide on theme ideas. Each team ended up picking a niche they wanted to gear their themes towards. The four niches were: recipes, restaurants, fine art artists and film festivals. It then took most of day 1 for ideas, wireframes and designs to get fully fleshed out. Coding began at the end of day 1 for most teams.

Working on UI and designs
Working on UI and designs

Throughout day 1 we gave themers several opportunities to present their progress, and ask questions & feedback from other attendees. On day 2, we minimized interruptions and let everyone work hard on their themes… writing html, css and php.

Working hard on building a theme
Working hard on building a theme

In addition to the organizers, we had 3 floaters, Christine Rondeau, Catherine Winters and Andrew Ozz who helped teams with any questions or issues they encountered; mainly technical questions but essentially anything that came up.

On saturday morning, I gave a quick Github 101 presentation. The presentation was well received but unfortunately the whole concept of version control was over the head of most attendees who were either advanced users or novice developers. Everyone was eager to learn but in the end encouraging everyone to use Github was more of a hassle than it was worth. We ended up dropping the idea and everyone was free to work with the files whatever which way they pleased.

Github 101 presentation
Github 101 presentation

Overall, the weekend was a success. None of the teams 100% completed their theme but they did get very close. After all, most people wouldn’t be able to build a fully-fledged theme in 2 days, yet they did get a whole lot done in just about 15 hours of work. Regardless, everyone learned something and more importantly, we, as the Vancouver WordPress community got together, got to know each other better and collaborated together. That’s an experience that I think truly represents what WordPress is about and I hope to see more WordPress local groups organize and encourage this kind of hackaton-style activities.

I’d like to give huge thanks to the WordPress foundation for helping us with costs (mainly feeding everyone both days), the Network Hub for giving us the space (and giving us beer at the end of day 2!) and the Pink & Yellow NFP Society for helping organize and take care of the finances for the event.

You can find the finalized code for the themes on Github, more photos (all photos by Morten) from the event on Flickr, and tweets from the event at #ThemeWeekend.


June 30th and July 1st 2012 is the first ever Vancouver WordPress Theme Weekend. I’m part of the organizing team and I’m giving a quick intro to Github, which is where we’ll be hosting all of the teams’ themes. You can check out the slides of the GitHub intro below or download them as a PDF.

Please check out all details for the event at