Automattic is on Google Maps

This is about the coolest thing ever. Automattic’s office (as in the inside) is on Google Maps.

Everyone at Automattic works from wherever they are (home, cafe, or what not) but we have lounge in San Francisco for hosting local Automatticians as well as events and get togethers.

A photographer came in and mapped out the entire building, including the upstairs lounge area. It’s really neat to be able to showcase the office like this.

Here’s the upstairs:

The image above was taken during our annual company meetup a few weeks ago. If this is cool to you, or you like how the office looks, you should apply 😉

Current status: coworking in Israel

Current status: co-working with a great team of guys in Herzliya, Israel (near Tel-Aviv). Here we are together earlier today:


I’ve been posting a bunch of other photos from the trip on my photo blog as well:

It’s been a fun week so far with lots of eating, walking around beautiful places, socializing and working on a secret project that some of our coworkers will enjoy.

If this sounds like a good lifestyle, you should consider applying to work with us at Automattic.

Beach day


My current status: hanging out at the beach in sunny hot Vancouver

Beautiful Vancouver Sunset

Vancouver Sunset

Went out on a stroll with Amy and the dogs tonight to watch the sunset. In the process, we gathered some video footage for the video I am preparing this weekend to introduce myself to my new colleagues at Automattic.

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