Always logged in, using mu-plugins

I’ve decided to start posting handy/helpful code snippets here [Idea/inspiration from Bill Erickson].

So here’s my fist snippet! It allows you to remain always logged in when developing sites (Warning: do not use this on a production site!)

I like to put this code in the special mu-plugins folder┬áthat way it always runs. We hook into ‘admin_init’ and ‘init’ function, check if we’re logged in, and if not, logs us in. Change the 1 in the get_userdata() function to match the user ID that you want.

Again, don’t use this on a production or even staging site. It’s only meant to be used in a local environment, where you are the sole developer/user of the site (since it always logs into the same user). Use it with caution, you’ve been warned!

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