This is about the coolest thing ever. Automattic’s office (as in the inside) is on Google Maps.

Everyone at Automattic works from wherever they are (home, cafe, or what not) but we have lounge in San Francisco for hosting local Automatticians as well as events and get togethers.

A photographer came in and mapped out the entire building, including the upstairs lounge area. It’s really neat to be able to showcase the office like this.

Here’s the upstairs:

The image above was taken during our annual company meetup a few weeks ago. If this is cool to you, or you like how the office looks, you should apply 😉

9 Comments on “Automattic is on Google Maps

    • Stand next to the stairs in the middle, then press on the arrow pointing away from the them… makes no sense but you’ll go downstairs.

  1. I remember something about automattic from past usernames, I may have paid for the plugin but I can’t quite recall. I love tinkering with maps, starring businesses and places that are of Interest and being able to easily find them when you need to is a real bonus. This new feature reminds me how Google have mapped the ‘Malls Of America’ and it looks promising as lateral thinkers and designers look outside the square.

  2. It would be something if we could create a personal map, what interests us, what businesses and local attractions are around us that we frequent, all embedded with Google scripts linked into our G+ profiles. We can share our maps, gradually adding more content for readers and allowing a duplicate map to be stored on Google Drive. If something ever goes wrong with our “personal map”, we can just go back to Drive and download it. It would be our signature, who we are, what we like and who our contacts are, all in one tiny map. Add mobile marketing & leads, shared around the world with entrepeneurs alike, it could become an Inteactive socially minded way we connect with one another. #personalmap

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