Custom post type and metadata support in the REST API

An internal tool that I’m building at Automattic is using the REST API. As part of that tool, I needed access to custom post types and post metadata, so I’ve added both to our REST API. And now anyone on a Jetpack-powered site can also use this part of the REST API. Find out the details in this developer blog post.

Developer Resources

We’ve recently made some updates to the REST API which is available here on and for any Jetpack-enabled site that has the REST API module activated. The API now has full read and write support for custom post types and post metadata.

You can specify a post’s post type when you create or edit it. If you’re fetching a single post, you will receive its post type in the response. Of course, you can also specify a post type when fetching a series of posts. In all cases the parameter to use or look out for is type.

You can also query posts by metadata using the new meta_key and meta_value parameters. You can add, update, delete or retrieve a post’s metadata when creating, editing or getting a single post, using the new metadata parameter which accepts an array of metadata keys, ids, previous_value

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4 Comments on “Custom post type and metadata support in the REST API

  1. I’ve voiced my request before w/ Beau, but it would be super helpful if plugins could hook into the Jetpack REST API too. The solution we came up with was to add a single generalized API endpoint, which plugins could then hook into. It would work sort of like how admin-ajax.php works, you pass it an action or identifier, and the WP site on the other side runs whatever it needs to on the other side. It would allow Pods sites to communicate w/ each other (via Jetpack) and other plugins to do the same. Help make this happen and I’ll…. I’ll…….. I’ll release more open source awesomeness into the wild 😉

    Put in another good word for me, won’t you 🙂

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