new photo blog

I have a new photo blog!

I’ve always been a proponent of owning my own data, yet until now my photos have been scattered all over the web since I make use of and enjoy social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. However, these services hold the photos that I upload to them. While I might have the originals somewhere on my devices, it’s nice to have a permanent web home for my photos.

From now on new photos I take with Instagram, as well as my Nikon DSLR camera will be uploaded to the new photo blog. I’ll still share the photos via the usual avenues, so if you already follow me there, you don’t necessarily need to follow the blog too. I know several folks who don’t like or use Facebook or Instagram and I feel like my photos should have their own home, so here it is. As a bonus, I get to play around with all of the new gallery options and the new media manager.

I’ve imported all my Instagram photos and a few of my more recent albums/galleries on the new blog. In the next few days/weeks I’ll be back-filling more of my photos and of course adding new pictures as I take them.

If you’re interested, follow

One Comment on “new photo blog

  1. Hi,
    Totally agree with the concept of owning your own data. when it is on a social network, it does not belong to you. Too bad so many people do not recognize or care about this.

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