As a developer who works primarily alone, I find that there can sometime be a lack of feedback (negative or positive) about my work. Anyone else on a similar boat as me?

I occasionally (and more frequently these last few weeks) work on teams of developers, where we have some kind of review system in place, so that we can each give feedback to each other about our code and practices. I have found that to be very invaluable. Both the experience of receiving feedback and giving it have been very educational for me.

So the idea behind this project is to connect like-minded developers (and who use the same languages) to help each other and perform code reviews for each other. The specifics of the implementation for this project is still what remains to be seen…

If you are interested in hearing more about the project as it develops and when it launches, please enter your email at And if you can spare two minutes, please fill out the quick survey at…

Please share any questions, suggestions or comments 🙂

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